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  • Half-day Workshop
  • Full-day Workshop
  • Fast Track Evenings
  • One-on-One Classes
    • In person
    • Videoconferencing
  • Assessment

Half-day Workshop
This 3.5 hour program is designed to provide participants with the techniques necessary to produce the sounds that are most commonly mispronounced in English. In addition, patterns of rhythm, stress and intonation will be introduced and practiced. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and receive individual auditory and visual feedback.

Full-day Workshop
Through presentations, exercises and experiential practice this 8 hour intensive skill building course is designed to teach participants pronunciation techniques to correctly articulate all of the sounds in English as well as the patterns of rhythm, stress and intonation.

Fast Track Evenings
Join non-native English speakers for a four week intensive accent reduction workshop. Learn the 5 components of English pronunciation - vowels, consonants, rhythm, stress and intonation. This 4 week workshop meets from 5:30 -7:00 one evening per week for 4 consecutive weeks at various locations around Pittsburgh

One-on-One Classes
This customized program includes an individual assessment and 12 hours of instruction. The participant will receive an initial speech assessment. This evaluation assesses pronunciation of all the sounds of English as well as rhythm, stress and intonation.
An individualized plan is then developed to target the pronunciation difficulties of the individual. Twelve one-hour classes will be conducted followed by a final assessment.
This program is available in person or via online web training.

An assessment of an individual's speech determines that person's specific pronunciation difficulties. Following the assessment, the client is provided with written feedback regarding which areas should be addressed for maximum improvement of pronunciation. Call us at 412.576.5684 or email us at judy@claroaccent.com to schedule an in-person or telephone assessment today.