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Accent Reduction for Indian Speakers

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Non-native English speakers from India may have one or more of the following pronunciation problems that affect communication:

A. the /I/ as in sit is often pronounced as the /i/ sound as in seat. Listen to the difference in these word pairs:

Click below to listen:

    blog I.mp3
    1. seat/sit
    2. teens/tins
    3. sleek/slick
    4. sleep/slip
    5. weeps/whips
    6. neat/kni
    t7. seed/Syd
    8. each/itch
    10. deal/dill
    B.  difficulty with /v/ and /w/
    Click below to listen
    blog v,w.mp3
    2. whale/veil
    3. we're/veer
    4. wary/very
    6. west/vest
    7. while/vile
      C.  Difficulty pronouncing the voiced and voiceless th sounds
      D.  Inappropriate syllable stress
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