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Intonation in Questions

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There are different intonation patterns for questions in English that speakers must use if they want to sound like a native speaker and, more importantly, to avoid listener's misunderstanding.

1. Yes/no questions - if the expected answer to a question is "yes" or "no" use rising intonation on the final syllable:

a. Did you finish the project?

b. Do you think he will be there?

c. Was the assignment difficult?

d. Is there anything I can help you do?

e. Will you be ready to leave at 3 o'clock?


2. When asking questions beginning with - who, what, where, why, when or how, intonation should jump up on the stressed syllable and then fall:

a. Who is going to the meeting with you?

b. What is the name of the organization?

c. Where are you having pain?

d. When will you get the results?

e. Why does he always say that?

f. How should I contact him?

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