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Voice of America - A Unique Tool for Practicing English Pronunciation

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A unique tool for practicing English pronunciation is Voice of America - Special English section.

Go to:

This website provides current world news and developments in science. What is brilliant about this site is that it is presented both in print and read by reporters at a slightly slower rate than usual. The benefit to you, the non-native English speaker, is that it allows you to listen to the story and practice American English pronunciation, word stress and intonation. You may notice correct English stress patterns, intonation and vowel and consonant production that you might miss when listening to English at a faster rate. Also, if you are unsure of a meaning of a word, you can double-click on that word and a dictionary pops up - so it will help your vocabulary as well.

To best use this site:

1. Choose an article of interest

2. Listen to the article noticing consonant and vowel pronunciation, stress and intonation

3. Play the audio again pausing after each sentance and repeat the sentence aloud. Try to sound as much like the speaker as you can. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable with your speech pattern.

4. Next, play the audio and at the same time read together with the speaker

 Give this a try and please let me know what you think.



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