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"Schwa" - The Most Common Sound in Spoken English

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One of the most important sounds you can have for a good American accent is the schwa sound. English speakers pronounce the vowel sound in most reduced syllyables with the schwa sound. The IPA symbol for schwa is an upside down e - /ə/. It sounds like a shorter, weaker version of the sound 'uh'.

Here is an example - see how many schwa sounds there are in the following sentence:

Thə studənt lost his pencəl when əttending thə semənar.


Listen to the following words with the schwa sound and repeat them:

1. əbout

2.  ərrive

3.  cəmbine

4.  performənce

5,  əcassion

6. engəneer

7. welcəme

8. listən

9. practəce


I promise, if you begin to use this sound, it will really improve your accent!



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